Blogging the Boxes

For the last two weeks, our little flat has been chaos. That special type of chaos that  comes when you have to pack up your life into boxes (yet leaving enough of it to be able to live for a further two weeks) and then move said boxes into a combination of parents’ houses and storage facilities. My most frequent complaint has been “ARGH too many boxes!” and I’ve hated living in the mess of moving.

Rachel has been berating me for not updating my blog, despite my insistence that there is nothing to blog about at the moment. I wake up, have breakfast amidst the boxes, go to work (and complain about the boxes) come home and do packing and try and cook a meal with the minimal cooking equipment that is not yet packed. No time for crochet, no time for photography. My fingers are itching to crochet!

Rachel was also surprised that I had not blogged about the boxes. I think that this is a very boring thing to blog about, but I thought I’d show you the reasons for my lack of blogging at the moment. Ready? Oh and you get to have a snoop at my stuff. Lovely:

and one thing that I like to look at to keep me sane … my photos on the wall in the living room. Ahh!

Tell you what though, I might not have any time for crochet at the moment, but my head is bursting with ideas of things I want to make! As well as all the things I have to finish. I can’t wait to get moved into our new bedroom at home (Andy has made it really nice and cosy according to my mum) and get started on all my new ideas.

Hope you enjoyed the boxes *yawn*

See you next time,

love Heather xxx

Slow blog = fast life


I bet you have all been thinking “Ah, that Heather, I bet she’s so happy with her Owl photos that she’s just happy to let them be at the top of the blog for a week.” or that I have lost my internet connection.

I would forgive you for thinking that, as a week without a blog post is a Very Long Time.


Life has not been that slow. No indeed. A LOT has happened in the past fortnight and it’s only as the boxes are beginning to stack up in the living room that I’m beginning to get my head around it.

Boxes, you say? YES! Boxes.

Moving boxes, to be more specific. That’s right, we are moving. By the 7th of November we will be out of the flat, out of Leeds, out of West Yorkshire and out of the North of England.

It’s not under the happiest of circumstances, mind, but it’s not too bad and sometimes you really do need a bit of a firework underneath you to get moving. In our case it was A’s redundancy, which is very sad but something we had sort of seen coming. It doesn’t really make it any easier and it’s been a bit tough coming up with new plans to follow. We had planned to move further south next year, around May or June just as our tenancy on the flat expired. Now that this is happening NOW, it’s a bit hard to get used to.

Fortunately A has found a new job, in Surrey. Unfortunately, I don’t have a new job to go to and will therefore be leaving mine and be unemployed for a bit. It’s a shame, because apart from the whole “job = money” equation, I actually quite like my job and I’m going to be very very sad to leave it. I’m “only” agency staff, but I’ve been there since September 08 and it feels like a proper job to me.

Where was I? Ah yes, moving. This is the slightly tricky part – we don’t have anywhere in Surrey to move to. Eeek. It’s a bit far for A to commute from my parents house in Northants, but I don’t want to sleep on an airbed at his Dad’s in Southampton for a few months. So we will officially be living with my parents (and I will be there all the time), but A will be staying at his dad’s during the week. Not really what you want three months into married life but it’s better than being homeless by a longshot, and better than rushing to move into a flat in a place that you don’t know.

Most of our stuff will need to be stored. We have 7 HUGE packing boxes filled with books alone, eek. Wish me luck for the rest!

I’m sad to be leaving Leeds, but we have been feeling for a while that it’s not for us anymore. It’s too far away from family, for one thing. I’m just a bit goggle-eyed at having to sort this out so soon!

Right, back to the packing :-) xxxxxxxxx