I wish …

… that I had an instant camera, but I don’t, so I have to make do with Poladroid. It’s great fun, you should all have a go – here are a few of mine. I lovelovelove the effect it does on the, rather than just putting them in a white border.

Yarn shopping in Holmfirth

Square making

Happy croc-feet on the beach


Biiiiig horse at Alnmouth

Curly Ram at Stowe

Canoeing <3

Me and Rach on my hen do

Me, Fran and Rach at my wedding – check out my glowing headgear!

Wedding flowers

What do you wish for?

9 thoughts on “I wish …

  1. they look fab, i wish i didnt have to go to work tomo, 3 days off has made me greedy for more, but i have done tons of crochet, well lots of hours but not much bigger lol

  2. admin says:

    cheers Rach. I know, it’s horrible going back to work after having some nice days off. I’m not on post this week so I’m sure it will be really slow :-/

  3. These pictures look great, give a real nostalgic feel! I’ve been playing with poladroid since you posted about it – ahhh can’t wait for this year’s Christmas photos to be converted! Back to work tomorrow too after a week off – sigh.

    • admin says:

      The first week back after a week off is always so looooong, isn’t it? and then the weekend goes so fast! surely it should be the other way around!
      I love poladroid – the quality is good enough to print as well so it’s fun although not quite the same. I so desperately wanted a polaroid camera as a child but my parents couldn’t afford the £60 or so to buy me one. Such a shame that they’ve been discontinued really.

  4. What fab effects! Very very interesting. Love your Ripple scarf……….. I’ve always thought the ripple blanket would be great scaled
    down to a scarf. Looks gorgeous.
    Love Vanessa xxx

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