Blue Skies of Haworth

On Sunday we visited my new In-laws (hehe!) who are holidaying in Haworth. It took a while to drive there as we became caught up in Saltaire Festival – what is it about village festivals that make people think they can ignore the fact that traffic needs to use the busy road? honestly.

There were blue skies and green fields aplenty:

Beautiful cottage to barn to cottage conversion with beamy ceilings, shady kitchen and nook book shelf:

love the way the light is catching the sink.

One of my dreams in life is to have bookcases either side of a chimney breast. (My other housey dream is a house with two staircases – sad I know.)

Did I mention blue skies?

Balcony with a view to make you never want to look at anything else again

Seriously, is this not the most bluest blue sky you have EVER seen?

* * ahhhhh * *

4 thoughts on “Blue Skies of Haworth

  1. I have a house with two staircases! It’s not all cute and countryish like that one though. What an awesome bookcase <3

    And yes, that is the bluest sky I’ve seen, definitely in a very long time.

  2. Ahh we had the same blue skies over our part of yorkshire too on Sunday, with those adorable little fluffy white clouds, it was soo warm too, delicious.
    Your ripple scarf is looking fabulous Heather, I love the way the ripples look in their shortened version!

  3. admin says:

    I love the blue skies so much! especially that last one, it just makes me think *WOW* whenever I see it.

    Kaff, I want two staircases that get to the ground floor, like back stairs or something :D a bit Enid Blytonesque.xxxxx

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