Mini update

I am at home from work and poorly for the 2nd day now, I’m so fed up of being here on my own and not being able to go out.

I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that it is not swine flu, just the regular bad cold/flu variety.

Major updates … not many really! I am now on Flickr
(Word of warning to Alice – do not click this link as you will see photos of your Christmas blanket that you do not want to see yet!)

and I have added some of the new blogs I have been reading to my side bar.

That’s all for now, my apologies for the lack of photos on this post. I have nothing to take them of and no energy to actually go and take any, sorry.

Back to the hot drinks and keeping warm, see you soon x x x

p.s you know it’s bad when you can’t even smell Vicks Vaporub!

I wish …

… that I had an instant camera, but I don’t, so I have to make do with Poladroid. It’s great fun, you should all have a go – here are a few of mine. I lovelovelove the effect it does on the, rather than just putting them in a white border.

Yarn shopping in Holmfirth

Square making

Happy croc-feet on the beach


Biiiiig horse at Alnmouth

Curly Ram at Stowe

Canoeing <3

Me and Rach on my hen do

Me, Fran and Rach at my wedding – check out my glowing headgear!

Wedding flowers

What do you wish for?