Crocheting like a demon

Current square count: 28 and a half.

Squares on my left: (see my last post for my crocheting system!)


Square in the middle: (work in progress)

Squares left to copy: 8 (well 7 actually, since the photo above is a copy of one of them)

(Do you like my red chair? mmmm, lovely red chair.)

Number of balls of yarn I shall be ordering tomorrow over breakfast as I get paid? 6

(in Pier, Marine, Hyacinth, Raspberry, Lavendar and Damson, in case you were wondering)

Happy Heather? yes indeed!

3 thoughts on “Crocheting like a demon

  1. admin says:

    OK! I will do a chair pic for you tomorrow because it is covered in yarn at the moment. Not a bad thing by any means but there is not a lot of chair visible ;-)

    I am doing it quickly because I soooo want it to be done before the wedding because I want to take it away on holiday with me afterwards!

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