More beach photos? Ok then!

Just try and stop me posting some more photos, I can’t get enough of looking through all of these again.

After lunch, the tide came in so we sat up on the shingle and threw stones in the sea for ages, which was entirely satisfying – never underestimate how much fun it is to throw stones in the sea.

Some more Happy Croc Feet:

These aren’t real Crocs by the way, they are the £3 version from Peacocks and I have to say that they did a marvellous job for £3.

Playing with my camera:

Ooh, depth of field. Yummy!

Then it got stormy, so we went back inside and had a nap.

Next morning:

You are Never Too Old To Build Sandcastles.

Sandycliff carved by the water from the middle sized tunnel.


Poor dead starfish :o(

Ansel Adams I am not!

Granny Update

For Lucy:

and, learning to love your piles:

All curly and waiting to be blocked :o) I have bought longer pins after the ladybird-pin-fiasco, and a mini spray bottle as well so pretty soon I should be Full Steam Ahead.

Join me later/tomorrow here at Little Tin Bird for some more beachy photographs.