Hooky Fun and Jolly Jaunts

This weekend involved a wee trip

to see Katherine, my friend-who-crochets. We had a bit of a jaunt:

So much yarn! strokey strokey, lovely lovely.

It was very hot, so we bought chilly drinks in a real old fashioned newsagents – not only selling papers, drinks and confectionary but also greetings cards, fishing nets, footballs, colouring books and Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

After a loooong time crossing the road we drank out drinks on a shady bench, and mused about weddings, family, yarn, birthdays and sausage dogs.

and appreciated our purchases

Back to Mrs D’s house for a little of this:

And then back to my home for a cheeky curry. and sleep. ZZZZZ

***7 or 8 hours passes***

Sock love:

Trying out my new cotton 4 ply:

It’s a lot thinner than my pure wool DK, and is not springy in the slightest. Very different to work with, but not at all bad. Just different. It has a very different feel to it as well, when you stroke it after it’s crocheted. Here is what I made:

Now, should I make more squares and join them, or shall I make a mahoosive granny?

Mmmm, nestled yarn!

What’s your weekend been full of?

3 thoughts on “Hooky Fun and Jolly Jaunts

  1. So jealous! I wish I was there, but at the same time, I’m glad I wasn’t. I think I would still be asleep. I don’t think I wouldn’t coped with the heat and the jaunts.

    I do like cotton. It is so different but fun to work with. Not as warm, but I love the texture :)

  2. admin says:

    It was uberhot, I think you would have struggled. I’m looking forward to our next jaunt though, which will be to your house :D and we will bring lunch – all you need to is provide tea to drink and a baby to snuggle, hehe xx

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