Hooky Fun and Jolly Jaunts

This weekend involved a wee trip

to see Katherine, my friend-who-crochets. We had a bit of a jaunt:

So much yarn! strokey strokey, lovely lovely.

It was very hot, so we bought chilly drinks in a real old fashioned newsagents – not only selling papers, drinks and confectionary but also greetings cards, fishing nets, footballs, colouring books and Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

After a loooong time crossing the road we drank out drinks on a shady bench, and mused about weddings, family, yarn, birthdays and sausage dogs.

and appreciated our purchases

Back to Mrs D’s house for a little of this:

And then back to my home for a cheeky curry. and sleep. ZZZZZ

***7 or 8 hours passes***

Sock love:

Trying out my new cotton 4 ply:

It’s a lot thinner than my pure wool DK, and is not springy in the slightest. Very different to work with, but not at all bad. Just different. It has a very different feel to it as well, when you stroke it after it’s crocheted. Here is what I made:

Now, should I make more squares and join them, or shall I make a mahoosive granny?

Mmmm, nestled yarn!

What’s your weekend been full of?

And then there were Ten.

I do have lots to update with, but I have been a very busy bee this weekend and I am now too tired to write about it all! In the meantime, I’m proud to present the latest photos of my Grannies :oD

I know it’s silly, but I just can’t stop looking at them! I also can’t stop holding them all in a stack and alternately squeezing, holding and stroking them. I’m a right dafty, I know.

Only gripe is that the one edged in dark pink (the odd one out in the above photo) has worked out about 1.5 cm smaller than the other nine, which is a bit disconcerting. I might frog the pink (and use it for middles so as not to waste it) and do it again using looser stitches, or I might just make up for it in the next round. What do you think?

P.S – check out my new header images! It’s been a challenge finding photos that will cope with being cropped to 1300 x 160 pixels and still have a recogniseable image, but it’s been fun as well. They are all my own work as well, not copied from anywhere :-)