Crispy cakes and woolly goodness

Just a quick entry tonight.

Tonight has been all about crispy cakes and granny squares. After being made crispy cakes a couple of weeks ago by the lovely Rachel-from-work (check out her blog link over there <<<) I wanted to do some myself. I bought chocolate and crispies, and then ran up against a problem: my bowl didn’t fit in my pans. So we had to buy a new bowl, what a shame, buying bowls is such a hardship. I do heart Pyrex.

So, crispy cakes:

Look good? They are! They have set round the outside but are still a little bit soft on the inside. Just lovely! It is the only way to eat cereal, that’s for sure. Hehe.

Now, crochet update:

I know they are untidy, wonky etc but I love seeing them all together! The last two on the right are the first ones I did which is why they are bigger. The white wool is harder to work with than the blue which is why those ones are less shapely.

Aaahhh :-)

Bedtime x x x