Four times Five

Two times Three is Six:

Three times Three is Nine:

Four times Four is Sixteen:

Four times Five is Twenty:

It’s coming along nicely. I did have 21 squares but the last one looked odd – couldn’t work out why until I counted 9 spokes rather than the required 8. Oops. So we frogged that one. I have kept the inner two rounds, I might expand them into a large Granny “circle” later one instead of wasting them. The outer round I am going to make into a centre round.

Tommorow I have photos to share with you: “on my way home”, “in my garden” and possibly “in my flat” . Exciting, non?

I am looking forward to Saturday because A is taking me to see “His Dark Materials” at the WY Playhouse. Fun times :)

But now it is time to go and hang up the washing, and then off to bed. Hmm, bed :)

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