I finished sewing all my squares together! Hurrah! Please excuse me while I do a happy dance around it!

Now, I don’t know much about sewing at all right now so I will tell you what I know about this quilt top:

I used 5 Moda charm packs (packs of pre-cut 5 inch fabric squares from the same range). The packs I used were: Bungle Jungle, Bloomin’ Fresh, Mixed Bag, Bartholo-Meow’s Reef and Pot Luck. Not all of those are current, and the fabric I want to use for the border is from one of those and I need to go on an Etsy hunt to find one.

My sewing machine is a Brother JS-23. It sews. No idea on any technical stuff! I used white Gutermaan (spelling?) thread. Aaaand that’s all the details I know!

The plan now is to track down the fabric I want for the border and then figure out what I want to back it with and put in the middle. To be honest I didn’t think much further than the squares for the top because it seemed like such a far-off dream in itself I didn’t think beyond it. It’s not taken me as long to do as I thought either, about 8 days from start to finish although I did work on it obsessively in the evenings when perhaps it would have benefited me more to go to bed!

I’ve a couple more works-in-progress to share with you soon but I haven’t taken any decent photos yet.


Can’t talk – sewing!


Have you ever learnt something new and then become completely absorbed in it, and every spare moment is taken up by this new thing, and every non spare moment is spent thinking and daydreaming about it? Friends, my mum visited at the weekend and she taught me how to sew using my sewing machine and I am fiiiiiiiiiiinally doing it properly and making my quilt that I have wanted to make for so long. I can’t quite put into words just how that makes me feel but I am so immensely proud of myself (sewing has been a nemesis for years) and thrilled that I CAN DO IT! It made me realise that I never want to stop learning new things throughout my life. And that I’m glad I’m learning to sew now while I have a small child to make things for, too. I feel a bit unstoppable actually!

I know I’ve not posted for a week and that’s because I have been busy sewing! I will be back when I’ve done more, I kind of don’t want to show you it until it’s come on a bit because it will spoil it. For me! Haha! Basically I’m using 5 different Moda charm packs and making a big quilt for TTB. I need to go and investigate walking feet (foots?) now so I’ll say bye for now – hope you are all well! And thank you for your comments about photo taking, I’m glad you know what I mean, and I often feel sad if I’m out without my camera and see something that would make a good photo.


p.s five points if you can identify any of the Moda ranges from that photo ;-)

Autumn Afternoon Walk

In hindsight, taking TTB for an afternoon walk when he hadn’t had a nap was always going to end in him wanting to be carried, and then falling asleep in the car at an inappropriate time. I was rather proud of the number of ways and incentives that Andy and I came up with to keep him walking around the reservoir: touching the arrow on every footpath signpost, finding buttercups, and finding “Neep holes” in the ground and trying to spot Bop in the water (those are Abney and Teal things again so most of you won’t know what I mean!). His little legs did well and Andy and I enjoyed just getting out and going for a walk.

It’s nice to be finally exploring a bit further and finding some places to go. I know this was just a local reservoir a few miles away but now we can add it to our list of places to go, and do it again. Somehow things are just more fun to do when it’s the three of us! The need to get out of the house is greater with a two year old than when it was pre-child. He’s not content to spend a whole day crocheting ;-)

Sometimes people (who don’t blog haha) wonder why I take so many photos of everything and I suppose it does seem a bit pointless but I think places vary so much each time you go to them; the way the sunlight catches the hill, how the water is so steely grey/blue, the clouds casting shadows and the way that tree looks right now,¬†well it seems worth it to me. Sure, it’s the photos of TTB and occasionally me and Andy that will end up in the photo album, but quite often I include a little collage photo of where we’ve been and what we’ve done just to show it all. I don’t know. It’s just what I like to do really!